Sunday, January 2, 2011

From Talented Hands!

While they weren't specifically Christmas presents, I did get them during the Christmas season - not that it matters, because any time is a good time to get a new tatting shuttle.  Aren't they beautiful!  The first is by The Shuttle Shop, makers of fine wooden tatting shuttles.  The picture shows the bottom side of the shuttle - the side without the pick.  The top side is plain.  The Shuttle Shop always has such interesting designs!

Next is a lovely shuttle by 'im in the garage - also known as the hubby of Sally Kerson and the brother-in-law of Jane Eborall.  It's made of English Holly wood and I think it will hold quite a bit of thread!  I haven't used either shuttle yet, but will be filling them with thread later today for a new project.  I'm hoping to teach again this year at Palmetto Tat Days, and am working on projects that fit the theme of "Tatting in a Winter Wonderland."  Hmm....what might fit that phrase...hmm?


  1. Wonderful shuttles! I love mine from the Shuttle Shop, and have yet to get one of those made by 'i'm in the garage'. I'm sure you will love using them both!

  2. Good to see the shuttle again and to know that it arrived safely. The wood is very special to Jane and myself.