Saturday, October 23, 2010

Container Acquisition Syndrome!

Yeah, I've got it -- I admit it!  I collect all kinds of containers -- tins, boxes, plastics; if it will fit in my purse and hold my tatting, I'm going to collect it.  Even if it won't fit in my purse, I'll probably collect it!

Two of my latest containers: this one, made in England, is an octagonal tin with a hinged lid.  I found it in an antiques mall in Lavonia, GA -- we almost passed the mall on the way to Toccoa for our Girls Weekend Out.

Almost passed it?  Yes -- Catherine was driving and we had to stop for the traffic light.  The antiques mall is directly across, so you can't not notice it.  We swung through the intersection, and halfway into the parking log, she said she just had to stop and look, and hoped I didn't mind.  I didn't -- I'd passed it before and never had time to stop in, so I was glad for the opportunity.  We didn't stay too long - so we didn't thoroughly explore it, but there's always a next time.  I also found this wooden cigar box.  It's rather plain and boxy on the outside, but inside the lid is a treat: isn't it pretty?  I love the colors!  It's a nice size, too, and will hold a lot of tatting.  It's not old, though -- there is a 1997 copyright date at the bottom center of the picture.

I also have a wooden cigar box that my dad brought home to me when I was little; he lettered my name on the lid in gold leaf.  There's also a plain one upstairs, that my mom kept receipts and stuff in.  I have a wooden cigar box that was my grandfather's somewhere upstairs; it's full of tatting and several celluloid tatting shuttles.  If I'm not mistaken, the souvenir shuttle I got at IOLI-Atlanta's Lace Days in 2002 is also in there.

I started this post with a tin; I have a lot of tins, too.  I had no idea that Whitman's made so many different kinds of tins!  Tins used to be hard to find; you could occasionally find big ones with cookies inside, but purse-sized were extremely hard to find.  A lot of my tins are packed away, but the ones I use most often are close at hand.

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  1. OMG--I LOVE tins! Can't get enough of 'em. But I haven't been looking for them lately, so your post really fed my languishing thirst for a good "tin-tiquing" outing. Keep up the quest!