Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rolling in Clover (Shuttles)!

When I learned to tat, in the late 1980s, there weren't a lot of shuttles available locally - so I started looking for shuttles every time we went to a larger city, such as Greenville.  At some point I found Clover shuttles; they were available in dark blue and dark red.  Later, I discovered Clover tortoise shuttles (and I still think they're a prettier tortoise than the newer Clover tortoise).  Then the only (so far) Clover shuttles without the point, the Clover Amber (or Gold, if you prefer). 
The neons were a pleasant surprise - but if you wanted one of every color, you ended up with two green ones!  I always have wondered why they didn't make a lavender one so you'd have a rainbow set.  Then I moved beyond the two-per-card to the sets of five per pack (but I still have several extra green ones!).

Now, Clover has introduced their pastel series - so pretty!  I like the new colors; I wonder what will be next.  Will they introduce five new colors in a few years?  Maybe someone will begin making "end of day" shuttles - lots of colors mingled together.  You can still find the celluloid version of these on the auction sites (but they're usually out of my price range),  and bid on them.  I think I'll be content with these...for awhile!


  1. ..any recommendations on bone and wood shuttles?

  2. I've got quite a few of the Hintons' wood shuttles - really enjoy them. There's something very relaxing about tatting with a wooden shuttle! I've just got a few bone shuttles - all of them contemporary - and I will use them on occasion (like when I'm demonstrating at the State Fair), but they're not the first ones I reach for.