Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finished Projects!

Don't you just love the feeling of satisfaction you get when you finish something?  Big or small, a finished project is a joy!  I thought I would share a few of my finished items with you.

The bookmark in the middle I've shown you before.  The one on the left is one of my "go-to" patterns when I need a quick gift; it's not much more involved than the middle bookmark, and fun to do.  The motif on the right is an example of modern Celtic tatting; two elements (or more) are tatted separately, then joined together by weaving (or intertwining) the interoconnecting parts.  One last element is tatted which joins into all the other parts, thus holding it together.  Here it is in closeup:

And here is the other side.  I hesitate to call it the "back" side, as modern Celtic is meant to be reversible - and each side looks different.  I believe this pattern was designed by Sue Hanson of London, England - it was a lesson earlier this year at our Palmetto Tatters Guild regular meeting day.  I actually tatted the whole thing at the meeting - so you can tell it's not hard or time-consuming!  Still need to do something about those ends, though...maybe I'll use it as a hanger!

Had to dig a little for this one - it was on the old computer.  A friend from work pulled off most of my files, and I've been going through them.  The shamrock on the left is just three big rings, not even joined together, with a dimple in each.  The rose is one I dreamed up on my daughter's birthday, so it's named The Jessica Rose.  The pattern is available on the Palmetto Tatters website, - look under "Favorite Patterns."  The heart -- ah, the heart!  It's named the Celtic Button Heart, and it was designed by the very talented Karey Solomon.  She taught this as one of her classes at the IOLI-Atlanta Lace Days in 2002.  As with other modern Celtic pieces, it's made of two parts that are interwoven, then joined by a third part.  The first part, under the 3D rose, is tatted onto a button.  I just liked the look of the rose in the middle, so I tied it in.  And I see there is a loose thread under it!  Good grief...


  1. I agree... it's always wonderful to complete something! Roses are my favorite flower, so I'll bet you can guess which two pieces are my favorites!

  2. Marie Smith also has a rose in the "Favorite Patterns" folder - hers is tatted onto a paperclip for a bookmark! They are addictive - and look so cool in variegated thread!

  3. Lovely!!!!

    Now.. make sure you bring that pattern for the kite with you for the week-end!... ohhhh and any snowflakes patterns to share with me.... one with rings, chains and picots... and another one using split rings and split chains... and..... oooh never mind the snowflakes for now.. I need to tell you what is cooking in my head first!! I can't contain my excitement... so hurry up and get here!!!!!!!!!!! (hheheheheheeehehe)

  4. I have it on good authority that Friday will be here -- in less than 48 hours! Hang in there -- see you in Toccoa!

  5. Just love the Heart and the colours really make it.