Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tatting in Toccoa!

...and did we have fun!  There were four of us: Catherine, Sandra, Karrieann, and me.  We stayed at the Knights Inn and enjoyed conversation and tatting, punctuated by chocolates, cashews, and wine!  We sat up way too late, ate way too much chocolate, and had way too much fun -- but it was so worth it!
Here is the gang at a little soda shop in downtown Toccoa -- (L-R) Catherine, Sandra, Karrieann.  The conversation was great, as was the tatting...too bad they kind of forgot we were there (I, for one, would have liked more Diet Coke).  This was Saturday afternoon right before we went our separate ways.  We're already planning our next get-together, next spring!  Hopefully we can work it out to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday -- more time, more tatting...and more chocolate!
I brought home a souvenir, too -- this lovely handmade wooden keepsake box I bought at a little art gallery in Toccoa.  It has a latch to keep it closed and even came with a tiny lock and keys!  And -- it was on sale (score!)  Also in the picture are the chocolates Catherine and I brought to the party -- everybody kept a Salmagundi tin and a Wynnewood tin as a remembrance of the occasion!

We had hoped to have time to decorate some shuttles, but it just didn't work out this trip.  Next time for sure!


  1. And did we ever have a good time!!!

    Looking forward to doing it again...

  2. ...already approached my Guy about using my home to hang out at for next Spring.... He is totally okay. Woooohoooooooo!

    I love my Salmagundi and Wynnewood tins!