Saturday, September 18, 2010


Who's your favorite tatting author?  Do you have more than one book by the same author?  Which of your tatting books is handiest to where you sit and tat?

Question 2 - easy.  Yes, I have several titles by such excellent tatters and designers as Karey Solomon, Mark Myers, and Martha Ess.  Questions 1 and 3 - tough. 

I have several tatting books I recommend to beginners, because they were recommended to me and they were quite helpful - so I pass that info along.  These include books by Judi Banashek and Rebecca Jones' definitive work on tatting.  For collectors of shuttles, Heidi Nakayama's book on American Shuttles and Pam Palmer's on English shuttles are always at the top of my list (the eye candy alone is worth the price!).  Then there are the pattern books -- modern patterns by modern designers, reprints of antique patterns in modern collections, and some patterns book by authors who are no longer with us. 

 As to favorite -- I can't pick one. 

Which is handiest to where I usually tat?  Also a toughie - since I tend to tat anywhere and everywhere!  I tat on the porch swing every chance I get, and I promise you, there are no tatting books outside.  I usually rummage around to find the book I want to use, then carry it with me to wherever I plan on tatting. 

I'm signing off for now - today is the September meeting of the Palmetto Tatters Guild, and I'm taking the minutes for Pam, who is at the beach (the lucky duck!).  I will take the camera, so if a photo op presents itself, I'll post it later!

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