Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thinking Ahead!

I have taught at Palmetto Tat Days for the past several years - 2005 was my first year, and I wish we had a pattern CD for that year, as I mainly remember the needle-tatted bracelet I taught.  I also taught from 2006-2010, and I have the pattern CDs to jog my memory as to what exactly I taught.

This past year, I submitted four patterns and three were selected.  The pattern not selected will be offered again this year, and I hope, if they choose me as one of the teachers, they'll select it; it's a bracelet and it's fun!  The picture shows different kinds of clasps, but the bracelets are basically the same.

I also have an angel pattern I'm playing with, and it should be fun as well - we go from 2D to 3D before it's done.  It's still in progress, so I don't have a picture yet; I want to get the pattern worked out first. 

Do you have any suggestions for a technique or pattern class you'd like to take at "Tatting In A Winter Wonderland," to be held at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center on September 23-24, 2011?


  1. ..what level of experience would the bracelet class be?

  2. I'm going to say a "2" - it's rings, pearl tatting, and working with beads.