Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend's Here!

...and am I glad to see it!  This post will be brief, just to let you know that I didn't lose interest in the blog, but I did pull a muscle in my back -- very uncomfortable.  It's much better today, so I will be going with David to the Homemade Genius Music, Art, & Film Festival in Ninety Six.  He's covering it for his paper, and I'll be his chauffeur.  I wonder if there will be fiber arts included?  I'll let you know...

Later, that same day, as David sits reading a book, Sharren boots the computer and logs on to Blogspot...

We were lucky and found a parking space in front of David's office, so I parked myself at one of the desks and tatted.  I don't know how many attended - it was heavily overcast most of the day and at times, I thought it would pour - but it didn't.  I had my water bottle and tatting bag, and a book to keep me company.  Here's what I did to stay out of mischief:
I need to make four bookmarks, similar but not the same, as gifts for four ladies who work closely together.  One down, three to go!

My back is so much better - better living through chemistry and yoga stretches took care of the tight muscle.  It has been a long day, though, so I'm signing off for tonight.


  1. What fun! If you see any of my relatives there, tell them hello. Hope your back feels better.

  2. Owch, that sounds SO painful. Glad you're recovering, though.