Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thread Obsession!

I've always liked thread!  When I was younger, and doing thread crochet, it was the dime-store thread I bought - thread so rough it would create calluses - or file them down! 
 When I first started tatting, I still used dime-store thread - it was what was available - but as better threads became available (thank you, Internet!), I began to buy them instead.  That first ball of Cebelia - so much smoother than the dime-store thread - it was wonderful!  I soon found other brands of lovely thread: Manuela, Flora, Altin Basak.  Then I bought a ball of Olympus - really nice!  Opera made the whitest white I ever saw - such a shame it's no longer manufactured. 

Pictured are some of my thread stash - some Cebelia, some Flora, some Altin Basak, some HDT, and a lot of Lizbeth.  This is all thread I took to Tat Days or bought at Tat Days - the Lizbeth in the wrappers certainly are new.  But there's more: lovely HDT by Karey Solomon.  Yes, I have something to wind it on; yes, I intend to wind it, yes, I will be tatting something with it -- soon.  In the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy
looking at it - and imagining what I'll eventually tat from it!


  1. that yellow on top is so happy looking. your thread stash...woah!

  2. What a wonderful thread display! I haven't tried Karey's HDT, but generally speaking, I think HDT is terrific!