Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Treasure from England!

Imagine my delight, on coming home after a long day at work, and finding a package from England in the mailbox!  Sally Kerson, who writes a delightful blog entitled, noted that I was the 100th person to "follow" her blog.  In honor of this milestone, she asked for my home address and told me she'd be sending me a "small present."

Wow!  Some "small" present!  I thought it was my birthday all over again!  I opened the package to find one of her lovely trinket boxes, embellished with her tatting.  It wasn't empty - not by a longshot!  Just look:   
Isn't the trinket box cute?  David said it looked good enough to eat!  It reminded him of a fairy cake -- a BIG fancy fairy cake! 

Thank you, Sally, you made my week so much brighter and nicer! 


  1. oooo lovely! Sally is such a dear. I have a similar blue box from her, so nice!

    You are a lucky lady!

  2.! what a neat surprise!!! You lucky you!!!!

  3. Pleased you liked the little parcel, also pleased it arrived safely!
    Lovely to see your blog too, and I'm enjoying reading it.