Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturdays - gotta love 'em!

...Mainly because the alarm is not set Friday night, so we can sleep as late as we want.  Usually I can make it to nearly 6:00 AM...

I still haven't located Mary Fitch Poplar leaf #2 - I did find #1, but that's not going in the "show and tell" bucket.  It will go into the "bits and pieces" bucket, to find new life at a later date, as part of a tatting-embellished greeting card.  I do, though, have more pictures to share!
Left to right are Georgia Seitz, Erin Holloway-Moseley, and her hubby Raymond Moseley.  I don't know what Erin was saying, but she was definitely making a point!
Here is Sue Hanson addressing an attentive audience.  Her topic?  The lace artistry and legacy of Mary Konior.  I tatted Mary's heart pattern from Tatting with Visual Patterns - it's in silver on the Crazy Quilt. 
A little eye candy to finish out this post - all English-made lace.  Isn't it lovely?

In the big blue box I won in the Silent Auction (among many other goodies) was a lovely lavender hanky, ready to edge.  There was also a copy of Karey Solomon's Tatting Elegant Edgings - hmm.  Wonder if there was a plan behind it all?  I am working on the edging entitled "Grapes," and using Leafy Greens and Purple Splendor threads (both Lizbeth).  When I get enough done so you can see how it will look on the hanky, I'll post a picture.

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  1. Sharren! I'm so deleriously happy to have found your blog! Thanks for posting such great thoughts and photos from Tat Days. Great job!

    P.S. Your 3d Rose pattern was in my welcome packet. Could it be because I massacred my first try and blogged about it? *grins*